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Buskin Beach Kodiak Island

General Description of Beach: Buskin River empties onto a stretch of beach and grass. There are several trails in the area as well as Buskin beach, Jewel Beach and boyscout lake. Very close to the airport, this is a popular place for those that do not wish to rent a car.

Surf, Tides, Climate, Water Temp: Kodiak archipelago is a wet climate, always be ready for rain. Kodiak is also known as the emerald isle, is extremely lush. Water is always cold, which is very refreshing when out in the sun all day! Average temp 55.2 in August.

Beach Activities: Buskin river provides the fisherman's delight. During peak months there is even combat fishing available. Access is by walking down river through trails (a delightful experience) or driving through Kodiak Wildlife Refuge Visitors center. The camping grounds are also available for tents or RV's.

Scenery and Wildlife: Lots of viewing of fox, birds, and squirrels. Visit the refuge visitors center for detailed information on Kodiak's bountiful wildlife.

Places to Stay and Eat: Stay at the Buskin River Inn and eat at the Eagles nest Restaurant located inside. Camping is available through Parks and Recreation fee is $7.00 per night.

see for more information.

Pets and Rules: Pets are welcome to join you so long as they are under your command (by leash or voice). no use fees.

Local Flavor, Crowds, well known local events: Kids pink salmon derby is provided by the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. This is the hotspot for visiting fishermen(and women) as well.

Best times to visit: Kodiak island is beautiful and green because of the rain! August is the dryermonth of the year! June and July, while wetter, will have fish a plenty!