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Hulahula River

The Hulahula River flows through magnificent Brooks Mountain Range and over Alaska’s rolling tundra before plunging through awe-inspiring canyons where it finally spills out onto the vast coastal plain as its journey to the Arctic Ocean. Paddlers on the Hulahula are treated to vistas of a breath-taking alpine landscape covered in wildflowers, riddled with hidden valleys, and graced by lovely waterfalls.

In the summer visitors may see small bands of the Porcupine Caribou Herd migrating northward past the Brooks Range. Other observable wildlife include Dall sheep, musk oxen, moose, snowy owls, various migratory birds, wolves, wolverines and grizzly bears. Hikers will enjoy getting out of their canoes and making the trek to the edge of the Beaufort Sea where they may view offshore ice pack.

The Hulahula is a large-volume river with Class III and IV whitewater in certain sections that adventurous paddlers are sure to enjoy. While outfitters will take inexperienced paddlers on the river, it is expected that their physical fitness level is sufficient for the rigors of such a trip.