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Monashka Bay Beach

General Description of Beach: Monashka Bay Beach is just 15 minutes drive north of Kodiak City. Nestled between green lush mountains soft grasses spill out onto the beach. A salmon stream runs through to the beach providing fresh water for people and wildlife. Monashka Bay beach is also known as Whitesands by locals for its pale sands, which are uncommon in this area.

Surf, Tides, Climate, Water Temp: Kodiak archipelago is a wet climate. Kodiak is also known as the emerald isle, is extremely lush. Water is always cold, which is very refreshing when out in the sun all day!

Beach Activities: Monashka bay beach provides many activities including hiking, camping and picnicking and fishing. The river provides salmon runs while the deep cliffs provide shelter from common winds for various activities. Kodiak state parks and recreation maintains nearby trails used for hiking and camping. I often enjoy calling friends a family to meet at "Whitesands" for a picnic or smores on an especially nice day.

Scenery and Wildlife: Nestled between the mountains and cliffs, Monashka Bay Beach contains a breathtaking view, offering islands visible just off the bay. It is common when all is quiet to see a fox sneak by the fire for a snack or catch various birds in the woods over the hiking trails.

Places to Stay and Eat: Camping right on the beach is wonderful if you are prepared for it. Otherwise there are several hotels that provide restaurants and local bed and breakfasts.

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Pets and Rules: Pets are welcome to join you so long as they are under your command (by leash or voice). no use fees.

Local Flavor, Crowds, well known local events: Monashka bay is a family area, a good place to relax a meet people.