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Aniakchak National Monument

This rarely traversed Alaskan natural wonder is extremely remote, extremely daunting, and for those brave enough to pass through, intensely rewarding. In the 1920’s Alaska became a point of interest for geologists, conservationists, and anyone with a distinct curiosity for untrodden land. Upon further exploration of the vast wilderness, Aniakchak was unearthed, a giant cinder field in the midst of thickly wooded wilderness.

The caldera is now the centerpiece to Aniakchak National Monument, offering good hiking conditions and otherworldly views. Stretching in all directions, the park offers few manageable trails and is basically only inhabited by the animals and plants sprawling all over the grounds. Floats, hikes, and climbs are all relatively sparse, only attempted by those with thorough experience and a well-plotted plan.

Aniakchak is not for the novice outdoor enthusiast. Deciding to plunge into this foul weathered, dense northern jungle is a brave choice. But again, if you are well prepared, the experience will stay with you as long as you live. Aniakchak National Monument is a rare site, still rife with natural wonder and untouched beauty.