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Blanchard Springs Caverns

Blanchard Springs Caverns in Arkansas are one of the state’s most amazing scenic attractions. The phantasmagoric rock formations found in locations such as the Soda Straw Room and the Coral Pool are unforgettable sights and potent reminders of nature’s endless wonder; photos of Blanchard Springs Caverns only begin to capture their splendor.

Three guided interpretive tours are offered by the Forestry Service take visitors through different sections of the caverns. Reservations are non-compulsory for the Dripstone and Discovery Trail tours, but are still a good idea, particularly in the summer, or for larger parties of visitors (groups of 10 or more people receive a discount on the Dripstone and Discovery tours if reservations are made at least 1 day in advance). Reservations are required for the Wild Cave Tour. To make reservations call toll-free 1-888-757-2246.

Blanchard Springs Caverns has a constant year-round temperature of 58° F and nearly 100% relative humidity, so lightweight jacket and low-heeled shoes with good traction are recommended. Most pets are not allowed in the Caverns; seeing-eye dogs and other and service animals are the exception.