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Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge

The Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas is a 7,057-acre preserve dedicated to providing habitat for migratory waterfowl, endangered species and native wild plants and animals. Visitors to Holla Bend can expect to see a variety of Arkansas wildlife, especially birds. Examples include Bald Eagles, Redwinged Blackbirds and 14 species of duck. The Refuge is also home to alligators, many types of fish, coyotes, beavers and white tailed deer, as well as numerous other common Arkansas creatures.

Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge has more to offer its nearly 40,000 annual visitors than Arkansas fish and wildlife, however. There are 10 miles of walking trails to enjoy, as well as year-round opportunities for hunting and/or freshwater fishing. There are no campsites inside the refuge, but there are camping facilities within a short driving distance. Late winter is usually the best time to go, as the summers tend to be hot and biting insects are plentiful.