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Golden Gate Bridge

Acclaimed as one of the world's most beautiful bridges with its tall towers, sweeping cables and great span, Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful structure. It was the longest suspension bridge span in the world when it was completed in 1937 and remains the most recognized symbol of San Francisco.

The Bridge officially opened on May 27, 1937 and the first public crossing had already taken place a day earlier with 200,000 people walking running and even roller skating over the new bridge.

The Bridge gets particularly busy during the summer months and nearly nine million people from around the world visit it each year. 1.7-mile in length it remains one of America's top ten construction marvels - a must-see. The graceful span connects to Marin County and is an unforgettable icon to drive, walk, or cycle across. With its tall towers and famous red paint job, the bridge was named Golden Gate by San Francisco's city engineer Michael M. O'Shaughnessy.