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Death Valley National Park Hiking

Death Valley National Park hiking is not for the faint of heart, but there are many excellent California hiking opportunities for you rugged types out there. Just take lots of water.

The Natural Bridge Canyon is a 1-mile, round-trip, moderate uphill walk through narrow canyon that ends at dry waterfall.

Desolation Canyon is a 1-mile, one-way trail through a narrow canyon through some vibrant badlands. Hikers can make their way up the canyon, keeping to right at the forks.

The 1-mile, one-way Golden Canyon Interpretive trial is and easy, self-guided trail through colorful canyons near the famous Red Cathedral. The Gower Gulch Loop is a bit longer a 4 miles. This round-trip is a moderate-level hike up Golden Canyon over the badlands to Gower Gulch. There are 2 easy dryfalls that must be scrambled down in Gower Gulch.

For beginners the Salt Creek Interpretive 1/2-mile round-trip is a perfect self-guided trail on a boardwalk over a small stream.. The trail is best attempted in late winter/early spring, however, due to the heat.