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Hiking Muir Woods National Monument

Hiking in California’s Muir Woods National Monument is a great way to see some of the state’s most beautiful scenery. The monument has several paved walking trails where visitors can walk among the park’s magnificent giant trees, and unpaved walking trails connect with trails outside of the Muir Woods‘ boundaries.

There are several National Park hiking trails to choose from in Muir Woods National Monument. The main Muir Woods Trail is a short, easy, paved loop trail that runs from the visitors' center to Cathedral Grove, offering a close-up look at 1000-year-old old-growth coast redwood trees that grow to over 250 feet. The Dipsea trail provides views of Mount Tamalpais, and goes all the way to Stinson Beach. The Fern Creek Trail rises along the canyon wall to Camp Eastwood and Mount Tamalpais State Park, while the Bootjack Trail is 1 of 4 that trails to lead to Van Wyck meadow, follows along Redwood Creek.