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Beacon s Beach

Beacons beach is located off of Highway 101, on Leucadia Blvd and Neptune Ave. It’s not visible from the main highway, but tucked into a quaint little residential neighborhood in the tiny surf city of Leucadia. Leucadia is located between Carlsbad and Encinitas. If you blink while driving by you might miss it. Most of the Leucadian coastline is bordered by houses, except for the three beach access points: Grandview, Stone Steps and Beacons.

Technically this beach is called Leucadia State beach and is often times seen that way on maps. But according to the locals, they have always known it to be Beacon's and there is even a sign posted out in front calling it "Beacon's beach". The cobblestone beach offers almost three miles of area to walk, run or just sit and relax, but it is not the most comfortable place to sunbathe. The surfing here is first rate and remains the main activity at this beach.

This is a great sunset beach. It is romantic, isolated, quiet and offers amazing views of the sunset without the intense crowds. It’s hard to pass by this outlet and not gaze out at the spectacular view. You frequently see people out on the bluff snapping photos of the sunset and the pristine coastline. There are signs posted along most of the bluff warning about it being unstable. Be extra careful walking down the path, especially after the rainy season.

This is NOT the best place to bring the family. There is a ten story, unpaved bluff path which winds down to the beach. There is a rope-like hand rail to assist you, but it is not the safest path and very steep. The city of Leucadia is planning on paving this trail in the near future. There are no lifeguards available and the beach is rocky and narrow. Parking is very limited. There are about 20 spaces available in the parking lot (free parking) and you can park in the residential areas, but those spaces are usually dominated by residents.

It is not uncommon to see dolphins hanging out around this area. The marine life are drawn to less populated beaches and they seem to hang out and play a lot longer. They are another amazing sight to see at this beach. The parking area fills up during the summer months, making it hard to visit Beacons during its best time of the year. If you are determined to chill out at a cool and tranquil beach you might have to search for parking along residential streets and walk.

Open 5am-10pm
Limited parking
Difficult beach access
No alcohol/ glass containers
No dogs
No fires
No vehicles on beach
No restrooms