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Escondido Beach

Escondido in Spanish means “hidden” and that explains this beach well. If you blink as you drive by you will miss Escondido beach. The beach is located off the Pacific Coast Highway. Turn onto the small side street of Escondido Boulevard and park near the residential area, along the coast. The beach is right before the Malibu Cove Colony. The secluded location makes for a nice and quiet day out in the sun and sand.

Escondido beach is very small but a nice place to relax and avoid the heavy LA crowds. There is a small but wide stretch of sand which can be great for sunbathing at high tide. Escondido Beach is shore break, which does not create the best surf conditions but could be fun with a skim board or swimming.

This would be a great beach to go California kayaking or canoeing. The beach is located right off the highway, so unloading and loading your equipment would be easy. There is a small flight of stairs you have to walk down to get to the beach but the walk is not too strenuous.

Parking could be an issue at this beach. There is parking along the PCH, but only a small couple of spaces. The parking is free but limited and parking along the residential community streets is reserved for residents.

NO alcohol/glass containers
NO camping
NO dogs
NO vehicles on the beach
NO fires