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Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay in California is actually a community that encompasses a number of beaches. Some of the better known beaches are:

Dunes Beach
Francis Beach
Poplar Beach
Pelican Point
Gray Whale Cove
Montara State Beach
Venice Beach
Pelican Point Beach
Pescadero State Beach

Half Moon Bay is the oldest town in San Mateo County and much of the history is apparent in many of the aged buildings in town. Plentiful open space and native wildlife in this largely rural setting contribute to the area's unique appeal.

Most all of the beaches above have trails, are excellent for hiking, walking, bird watching and each have various rules about dogs and fires on the beach.

As with any of the beaches and coastal towns in Northern California, the weather can be changeable; layered clothing is recommended.

Half Moon Bay has the flavor of a small-town, rural location with distinctive individual shops; you also have a wide variety of stores from which to choose. There are specialty shops, fine restaurants, cafes, and bed & breakfasts that offer a relaxed atmosphere. There are assorted floral boutiques, dress shops, sports and golf emporiums, garden specialties, craft alleys, galleries, antique barns, western lore, artistic stationery, book lofts, café bakeries, fine jewelry salons, and gourmet chocolate shops, to name a few.

Highly recommended guide books are:
The Coastside Trail Guidebook:Plants, Animals, Historical Lore along Half Moon Bay on the San Mateo County Coastby Barbara VanderWerf, [$10.95. Gum Tree Lane Books. El Granada, CA]
Exploring Half Moon Bay and the San Mateo County Coastby Nancy and Neil Evans, [$10.95. Worldview Associates, Inc. El Granada, CA]

by: Carla Iacovetti
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