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Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach, commonly referred to as “OB”, sits north of Mission Beach. Take the 8 freeway to Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and go west onto the main street, Newport Avenue to reach the beach. OB is a tranquil beach town with less hype than its neighboring towns, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. It is a mellow community with a laid back atmosphere, which is anti-big business and chains.

Ocean Beach is a great place to sunbathe, with a mile long white sandy beach which is easily accessible and not as crowded during the summer as other San Diegan beaches. This is an excellent beach with smooth surf which is suitable for all levels of surfers. This is definitely a “locals spot”. There is also a pier which is popular for fishing. There is even a restaurant on the pier called the Ocean Beach Pier Café. It is a small restaurant which serves sandwiches and hot coffee. There are several places to sit and enjoy the view from the pier, while enjoying your lunch. There are several bike paths around the area. Whether you want to cycle all the way to Cabrillo National Monument or just cruise the coast along Sunset Cliffs, OB provides bike lanes as well as coastal paths for cyclists, walkers and joggers. A volleyball area can be found near the north end of the beach.

Newport Avenue is the main street and has lots of funky stores and restaurants. There is somewhat of a hippie feel to the area. The town has a unique mix stores including tattoo parlors, surf shops and cool mom and pop coffee shops.There is even a portion of the beach set aside for dogs. Towards the north end of the beach dogs are permitted to roam free without a leash.This is a fun place to come and hang out in the evening and roast marsh mellows over a bonfire. The beach contains fire pits, which are available on a first come first serve basis and usually set out during the summer months.

The 4th of July in OB is an eventful time to visit. Not only is it during the summer months with hot weather and warmer water temps but the town puts on a fireworks display off the pier. It is a fun and festive occasion. There is also a Jazz festival in September which is combined with the local farmers market on Newport Avenue.

There is a huge parking lot north of the pier, next to the life guard station. There are about 50 free spaces and also several spaces to park on the main drag and on side streets. Parking is very limited during the summer months and on weekends. You might have to park a couple of blocks away.

NO fires outside of fire rings
NO camping
Dogs are allowed at north end of beach
NO glass containers
NO vehicles on the beach
Alcohol is permitted from noon to 8pm
YES Public restrooms with showers are available near the lifeguard station