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Sunset Cliffs Beach

Sunset Cliffs beach is actually located off of the street Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, south of Ocean Beach. The beach which stretches along the Pacific Ocean and is adjacent to Point Loma is known for its beautiful sunset vista points and picturesque photo opportunities. The coastal bluffs are breath taking and at low tide you can see the small caves carved into the bluff and the lively tide pools. The beach is located below high and unstable sand stone cliffs (there are Caution signs posted all along the bluff). The beach access is steep and there are not many places to lie out. This is mainly a surf beach. Sunset Cliffs is not the beach to come to with large groups or families. There are no park benches or picnic tables. Built-in stairs lead down the cliff to the beach at Ladera Street, and all other access include trails that are not very structured or advisable.

There is a nice dirt path that extends the length of the beach and is fantastic for running or going for a nice stroll along the coast. There is also enough shoulder for cyclists and the area surrounding Ocean Beach and Point Loma has plenty of bike paths, for those who wish to cruise the extra mile.

California surfing is the main activity, if you are willing to make the trek down the cliff. It appears that most people opt for surfing at Ocean Beach. But if you are one of those surfers who don’t like the crowds, this is a good beach for you. The unstable cliffs and rocky bottom can make this location extremely difficult to get to and to surf. This is not the best place for beginners. It’s best to head north to OB if you are a novice.

There is parking all along the Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and there are several dirt vista points with about 10 spaces each. The parking is free and unlimited all day.

NO fires
NO dogs (only on the path)
NO glass containers
NO vehicles on the beach
NO lifeguards/bathrooms available
YES One public shower located at Ladera Street
YES Alcohol permitted between noon and 8pm