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Swami s Park

People come to Swamis to surf. This is one of San Diego County’s hot spots for surfing and a great place to come and see good surfers do their thing. Swami’s park sits on top of a bluff just off Highway 101, south of Moonlight Beach. You can’t miss it because it sits right next to the Self Realization Fellowship, a big purple and white temple-like building.

Swami’s is best to surf during the winter, but also breaks during the summer on strong south swells, a good time to take out the long board. The beaches reef bottom provides good shape for any size swell. It mostly breaks right and offers a long and fun ride. Because of the rocky bottom, that stretches all the way to the shore (especially north of the stairs) this is not the best place to sunbathe but a great place to explore the tide pools.

South of Swami's is called Pipes and is another one of Encinitas’s surf beaches. Pipe’s has a wide, sandy beach that is popular for catching up on the tan. Despite the wishes of the locals, Swami’s is no surf secret. Sometimes Pipes is a great alternative to fighting the crowds at Swami’s.

Everything about this park has character. Even the trash cans are decorated in colorful tiles. There are cool surf sculptures, the lawns are well maintained and they even provide recycling bins. There are a couple picnic tables with BBQs and benches available on the bluff. There are showers available at the base of the cliff beneath the stairs.

The parking lot is really small but free and is available all day if you can find a spot. During the summer months it is almost impossible to find parking in the lot. If not, there is parking along the coast. They say you can judge the surf conditions by the amount of cars parked in the Swami’s lot.

Open 4am-2am
NO dogs
NO camping
NO vehicles on the beach
NO alcohol/glass containers
NO fires
Restrooms/showers available