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Windansea Beach

Take the scenic drive from Children’s Pool in downtown to reach the rocky Windansea beach. Along the drive to Windansea, you can check out some ritzy La Jolla real estate. The beautiful beach is aligned with sandstone cliffs and a long stretch of white sand for secluded sun bathing. There are more places to layout, just south of the surfing area. The focal point of the beach is a small Hawaiian beach shack, which has become one of the sites landmarks. The shack was built by surfers during World War II and is now a San Diego Historic site.

Windansea is definitely a surf beach. There is a nice underwater reef, which breaks a decent distance from the shore. This is a popular surf beach with consistent waves all throughout the year. The surf spots are very concentrated and competitive and can often times be very crowded. Beginning surfers should check out neighboring beaches like; La Jolla Shores or Pacific Beach instead.

The beach is also notorious for its strong beach breaks, which provide perfect conditions for skim boarders. There are designated areas for swimmers and divers, separate from the surfing area. Swimming is best on the south end of the beach between Kolmar Street and Big Rock reef. Due to the rocky conditions and the shore breaks, this is not the best place to bring children. Just south of the beach is a nice grassy area to picnic or watch the sunset.

Although Windansea is not as popular as most of La Jolla’s beaches, the summer time is peak season. You will see surfers lined up along the coast and sunbathers stretched out on the sand pretty much every day of the week during the summer.

This is another one of La Jolla’s beaches that it’s difficult to find parking. There is a small strip of parking, approximately 20 spaces along the cliff on Neptune or you can park along residential areas. All parking is free and unlimited.

No camping
No glass containers
No bathrooms or showers
No fires
No dogs
Consumption of alcohol is permitted on the beach from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m.,
but prohibited at all times in parking lots, adjacent walkways, and grassy parks
adjacent to the beach.