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Point Reyes National Seashore

Existing on about one hundred acres of land, Point Reyes contains much more than your average protected shoreline. Whether you are skimming coastal cliffs, hiking the jagged outlands, or exploring the rich grasslands, you will leave the park with a new perspective on American wildlife.

There is a great amount of natural diversity here. Species of plants and animals are in great abundance due to the mild climate and abundant source of life that is the Pacific Ocean. The name of the park comes from a distinct spot where the land pushes into the sea, carving a sharp point out of the land. Guided tours and self propelled activities like kayaking, hiking and biking are all great ways to get better acquainted with the California wildland that makes up Point Reyes Seashore. Elk, elephant seals, migrating whales, tons of birds, fish, and deer make up the nonhuman entities within Point Reyes, so be prepared to share.

We suggest that you end your stay at Point Reyes with a jaunt out to the tiny lighthouse on the outskirts of the park. This will give you an interesting perspective of humankind’s relationship with the land.