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Amazing Calf Pasture Beach

The Calf Pasture Beach and the area both hold historical importance. The Connecticut colony settlers used this area as grazing land for cows and later this place got its name from this activity.

Also the beach was used as a camp ground and for debarkation during American Revolutionary War.

The Calf pasture Park as well as beach both hold great interest of the tourists. Located in Fairfield County CT, this saltwater beach has everything to make a family vacation enjoyable. The park land constitutes of Shady Beach Park and Taylor Farm Park, that kindles the spark of enjoyment and add to the thrilling experience.

The beach area of 33acres is well protected is abound by myriads of activities, so come prepared with all your beach gears to have a great day in sun. You can for for fishing at the fishing pier, swimming, kayaking and boating, enjoy sports in the tree shaded playground. For sports lovers there are sand volleyball courts, bocce courts, a skateboard parks and baseball diamonds, restrooms and restaurant.

The nighttime lighting for certain games is available, for the people who can play uninterrupted. The adjacent two parks are the added advantage to derive more fun and excitement. The Shady Beach park one can enjoy and relax on its unmonitored beach which has shaded picnic tables, grills and restroom facilities.

Next in the line is the Taylor Farm Park, with tidal pool and wooded as well as grassy area, were you dog would love to walk. It is the venue for Greenwich Kennel Dog Show everywhere. The best part is the Norwalk , annual 4th of July Fireworks are held in Calf Pasture Beach.