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Clinton Town Beach

Beaches in Connecticut are ample and almost in all counties. They are popular and most visited ones. Clinton a small town in Connecticut which has two beaches of similar names. The Clinton Beach and the Clinton Town Beach. When we talk about Clinton Beach it is still a private community and hence gets less traffic whereas Clinton Town Beach which is a public beach and is crowded in summers.

When on the beach you will realize that you are on the most strikingly beautiful slice of coastline. Also you get to view the Long Island Sound. The activities on the beach are based on high tide and low tide. The high time for most of the activities is during high tide, Most people enjoy swimming. At low tide one is able to walk out to sand bars and walk over the stone bridge.

Going on a beach and getting an opportunity for fishing in itself is an advantage. Don't forget to bring your fishing gears as the Hammock river which flows in this area is the potential place for fishing, its good news for crab lovers, do crabbing and enjoy the savor the fresh catch.

Kayaking and boating are the two main water sports on this beach, thereby giving special access for car top boats and kayaks. Being a small beach does not hampers the thrill and excitement on being on this beach.

The huge pavilion is great to have lunch and relax. Children can have their games playing sessions on the renovated playground which is near sandy harbor beach. The in season time you will get sanitary facilities and food concession. The beach is very relaxing and rejuvenatig but one has to pay the beach access fees. Also to enjoy the full-fledged picnic one needs to bring everything to enjoy a picnic.