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Dewey Beach

Delaware has its own bundle of surprises and beaches are one of them. Dewey Beach in Delaware is the favorite beach town for travel devotees who come in the category of returning visitors. Dewey beach is contradictory to Bethany Beach which is peaceful. Apart from sprawling beaches it has crowded bars and nightclubs.

All Delaware beach town are small but attractive, they cannot be underestimated for they have the potential and all the required qualities to attract tourists from far and near. Dewey beach is not an exception to this.

There is no dearth of restaurants, nightclubs and bars which are jam packed during summer weekends. In short it is the haven for partygoers and this has made Dewey Beach a wild summer party town.

Apart from being the party town the wide sandy beaches and excellent accommodation facility makes it a family resort spot. The best part is most of the hotels and motels are right across most of the attractions, clubs and bars.

The ocean in the Dewey Beach is the hub for several activities right from swimming, to surf fishing, skimboarding, beach combing, sailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, boating, fishing and other recreational activities that are held on the bay.

Dewey beach is also known for its popular events. The Dewey Beach Music Conference, Greyhounds Reach The Beach and East Coast Skimboarding Championship makes it the most happening and must visit place for all.