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Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach: Fun and fun everywhere, this is what Rehoboth beach is all about, it is the largest coastal town and most popular beach in Delaware Peninsula. There huge inflow of tourists everywhere which makes it, “ The Nationa's Summer Capital”.

Largest coastal town of Delaware, Rehoboth Beach is popularly known as resort town were traditional style beach resort activities still persists. A small town with around 1500 residents has the potential to horde five time more visitors every year for its beach activities. All types of accommodations are available. Since it is the most popular destination, booking in advance is essential. If not you can make your halt on the Campgrounds.

It is the most popular place among vacationers and beach lovers, which is evident from the laurels it received. It is termed as the Nation's Summer Capital, for it draws people form Washington D.C in large number, whereas the most widely read reader's digest named the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk as the, 'Best Of America and AARP magazine through its article quoted as the 'The Best Place To Retire'

Swimming, boating, golfing and fishing are the favorite activities along with carnival rides, boardwalk strolls, shopping and sprawling nightlife. Have fun on Whiskey Beach and Indian Beach. These are not the only jewels on the crown of Rehoboth, Head of Bay Cove, Cape Henlopen State Park, Stockely Creek, Holland Neck, Golf Club and Heritage Inn golf courses are some of them.