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Canaveral National Seashore

Owned by NASA and positioned very close to Kennedy Space Center, these beaches are often closed due to their proximity to launch sites as a precaution. But when open to the public, they can offer some slightly primitive adventure.

You are essentially on your own upon visiting this stretch of shore, no real staff to assist you or tour guides to take you about the grounds. There are self-guided trails and do-it-yourself backpacking and camping on the north end. Some islands also permit campers during about half of the year. The beaches are essentially walled with dunes on one side with thin beaches and the gulf coast on the other.

Another interesting attraction is the sea turtle nests and subsequent “watches.” Screens are placed above the nests to deter raccoons, which end up destroying most of them otherwise. Volunteer in the months of May through August and work with park rangers to help save the turtles.