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Key Largo

While traveling south on Highway 1, Key Largo will be the first of several islands that seem to trickle of Florida’s southernmost edge. These keys are almost entirely beaches, minus a several essential hotels and restaurants.

Key Largo, unlike its evil twin Key West, is best known for its natural attractions. It has beautiful miles of beaches on either side and lush vegetation lines the streets. Ideal fun here is a thorough exploration of Florida’s coral reef, a nucleus of sea life and vegetation. There are innumerable shellfish, minnows, barracudas, eels, and so on plus large reefs, which are unfortunately feeling the effects of snorkeling popularity.

Glass bottom boat tours and scuba diving are also intriguing, fun pastimes enjoyed by guests of Key Largo. Whether you stop here or continue south on your vacation, Key Largo offers a worthy introduction to life on the Florida Keys.