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Beaver Bay Beach on Farragut Park

If you love swimming in the summer then Beaver Bay Beach is the ideal spot to go. In fact anybody wanting to spend summer afternoons by the water should go over. Beaver Bay in Farragut State Park at Athol could very well turn into your favorite swimming hole.

Farragut State Park sits alongside Lake Pend Oreille one of the largest lakes around here. Beaver Bay is an excellent spot here offering an out of this world beach where you may swim, picnic and camp. Its really an enchanted spot.
Resting on the south side of the park along the lake, the bay is separated from the lake by a large spit of beach with mountains rising high above on every side. This amazing scene of a wonderful lagoon with cool clear water and lots of beach area is very inviting. Enjoy this idyllic north Idaho setting.

The lake sits on the other side of this spit of beach and boaters, floaters and jet ski’s can be seen on this side of the lake. It just is an amazing scene as you enjoy an afternoon swim. The bay itself is not too deep and the beach extends all the way around the lagoon.

Facilities include adequate bathrooms, changing rooms and sufficient parking. It’s a bit of a hideaway so its a perfect place to getaway from it all. To get here you need to head north on I-90 from Coeur d’Alene. Keep looking for the signs to reach the place. Buy the day pass to enjoy a lazy summer day. Be sure to pack picnic baskets since all the fresh air and swimming is going to make you hungry.