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Honeysuckle Beach

Honeysuckle Beach, located in Kootenai County sits on Hayden Lake. The beach is open to the public and its a nice family-friendly beach. From US-95, between Hayden Avenue and Prairie Avenue, you take Honeysuckle eastbound straight up to the lake. You will have no problem finding this beachy spot to splash, boat or fish.

There's camping available in the neighborhood of Honeysuckle Beach. But for regular comfort you could find appropriate places at a short distance. Its advisable to make reservations in the summer season. You are next door to Honeysuckle Bay if you're here at Honeysuckle Beach, and the Caribou Ridge National Recreation Trail offers lovely hiking trails.
Honeysuckle Beach may appear secluded but has its fair share of regulars. Its an outstanding slice of shore. Watch the blue waves hit the shore and in no time you would want to jump into the waters. Add to this the surrounding attractions. Close to Honeysuckle Beach you have Bozanta Tavern Bay and the Hayden Lake Dam. Also great sites for water based recreation.

There's whitewater on Spokane River for all you adventurous people. Honeysuckle Beach is right by the Leiberg-Athol Trail. For other amusing diversions there is also golf aplenty. Like most places here in this part of Idaho, July is the month with the least amount of precipitation. Summer brings highs in the 80's to Honeysuckle Beach, and through summer nights temperatures are in the 40's.

Its true Idaho offers excellent water sport activities including the wild rapids. The wonderful cool spots here should have you planning your next family trip to enjoy some lake paddling, kayaking, fishing or swimming.