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Bass Lake Beach

The Bass Lake Beach located in the state of Indiana, is one of Indiana's major tourist attractions. Although there are numerous beaches lining the shores of this state, the Bass Lake State Beach is surely one of the important few.

It is not just the competently controlled facilities or the sandy shores of this beach that contribute to its widespread popularity. The equally picturesque attractions in the vicinity of this beach also play a major role in making it an important tourist destination. In case you have an inclination towards golf, then the Bass Lake Golf Course nearby may attract your attention. However, if you are looking for some real time fun, then you may be interested in exploring some of the important campgrounds of this part of the state.

One such important campground is the Rising Sun Campground, an extremely popular site with the folks of Monterey. The pure environmental bliss and well managed operations of this site, make it a great escape for loads of city people. Moreover, adding on to its natural locales is the Tippecanoe River State Park, a great place to stretch your legs and relax. With loads of things to do like, Cross-Country Skiing, Hiking, Boating, etc, this is a fairly popular site especially with the people of Winamac.

Another interesting attraction close to the Bass Lake Beach is the Hickory Hills Campground. This campground extended over an area of nearly 100 acres, is a family oriented privately owned campground and RV Park. While at the Hickory Hills campground, one can not only enjoy the on-camp amenities like camp store and dump station, but also rent a boat to explore the numerous water activities.

Thus, if you happen to visit the Bass Lake State Beach, then you cannot help but also make a visit to all these interesting sites around the beach.