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Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

One of the most famous national lakeshore of the United States, is the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore located in northwest, Indiana. Running between Gary, Indiana on west all the way to Michigan City, Indiana on the east, this important lakeshore runs for nearly 40km along the southern shore of Lake Michigan.

The most fascinating feature about the plantation along this lakeshore is that, one can find both Arctic and boreal plants growing alongside the desert plants. Interestingly enough, if you are a first time visitor to this beautiful lakeshore, then you may want to visit the brand new Dorothy Buell Memorial Visitor Center, where you can find all kinds of amenities like, brochures, videos, exhibits and gift shop. Besides these, there are a whole lot of other interesting attractions and activities like, fishing, bird watching and horseback riding that this beach offers, which makes it a much sought after tourist destination. While those looking for someplace to sit back and relax can enjoy camping at the Dunewood Campground, for the more enthusiastic tourists, cycling facility is available on the Calumet trail.

The widespread plantation across this lakeshore serves as a habitat for a rich combination of fauna including raccoons, cottontail rabbits, turkey vultures, opossums, garter snakes and a lot many other animal species. This along with the state park serves as a major tourist attraction. Along the north of the park entrance, there is the Indiana Dunes Bathhouse and the Pavilion. Although, both these structures were constructed nearly a decade after the construction of the original park, they today stand in their original form and continue to be used widely.

Another major attraction of this area is the 'Duneland Harvest Festival', which has its main festival grounds within the national lakeshore. Included in this festival are numerous craft demonstrations like, utensil making, candle making and wood carving. You can also enjoy exotic food varieties like, caramel apples, sweet corn, ciders and a variety of cookies. Another exciting festival that this beach is known to host is the 'Maple Sugar Time Festival'. Although, this is an extremely popular festival, the success of the festival depends largely on the weather during that time of the year.