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Marquette Park Beach

Marquette Park Beach, situated in Lake County, Indiana, has for long had a name for itself, especially because of its interesting historical importance. This beach is a great relaxing location for people who enjoy being close to the water. It is a real time pleasure to witness the way in which the water converges with the coastline of this Marquette Beach.

The Marquette Beach is one place you cannot afford to miss when in the state of Indiana. It is not just the beautiful waters of this beach that makes it a popular tourist destination, but, the picturesque Marquette Park which adds to its beauty. However, it was not always known by this name. Late until the year 1932, this park was known by the name of Lake Front Park and the Pavilion close to it, as the Lake Front Pavilion. It was only when the Superintendent of the Gary Park Department commissioned for a statue of Father Pere Marquette to be placed at the entrance of the park, that it was renamed as the Marquette Park.

Since then, Marquette Park has witnessed thousands of tourists arriving each year. The Kids Park near the bathhouse or the Aquatorium, as it is now known, is a special attraction for the younger group of people. Besides, there is a well maintained tennis court for the fitness conscious visitors. If you feel that's all there is to Marquette Beach, then you probably need to check out the other interesting beach-front activities. There are bountiful outdoor recreations like, swimming, fishing, boating and other stuff, you may engage yourself into for complete entertainment. If that's not enough, you may visit the Cressmoor Country Club nearby, to try your hand at a round of golf.

Not only are the day activities at the beach fun to experience, it is equally pleasant to stroll the shores at night. However, you may be required to settle down for a hotel that is a bit far away from the beach and do not forget to make advanced bookings, especially if it is a popular hotel. Also, the campgrounds provide ample space for the tourists to park their RV.

The whether span in this part of the state of Indiana varies from heavy rainfall during June, when the temperatures may go down to as low as 10s over night, to soaring temperatures in the month of February.