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Cheney Reservoir Beach

There are some very beautiful spots on Cheney Reservoir. It is among the more popular spots for boating, fishing, sailboating and surfing on its beach. Located 24 miles west of Wichita, Kansas the dam is on the Ninnescah River 6 miles north of Cheney.

All of about 9,500 acres of open water are readily accessible from several roads. With many boat ramps and camping facilities, anglers will enjoy fishing for the crappie, catfish, and striped bass that are available aplenty. The lake is open to fishing year-round.

Other recreational opportunities besides boating and fishing include camping, hiking, picnicking and other water sports. This favorite sailing lake located in the open, flat plains of central Kansas has many boat ramps as also a marina, camping facilities, fishing, hunting and hiking trails.

The waters here are shallow, flat and choppy with small waves. Water quality is maintained rigorously and so you have clean waters. The shoreline comprises of sand, small pebbles, grass and offers camping. M.M.Point here is the best spot with a new beach and a great cove. South winds are the norm here. They are gusty most of the time. Its a great spot for flying kites.

The best months are March, April, May, June and ofcourse September-October. To get here you need to take KS East on Highway 50 from Wichita and then turn north on the second Cheney exit. This will take you straight to the east side park entrance and the reservoir is all yours for fun on the beach, once you pay the nominal fee.