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Wakeboard Lake

Kansas City is the fourth city in the U.S. to host cable park water sports. KC Watersports and Wakeboard Lake is mid-Americas first cable lake. Spread on a water surface area of eight acres the lake offers waterskiing, kneeboarding and wakeskating besides wakeboarding.

Using an overhead cable system riders are able to wakeboard or waterski without the need for a boat. You get beginners lessons and advanced riders can really kick off their heels. The complex also features a marina, boating, courtesy docks as also boat rentals.

The beach located here is ideal for swimming and splashing about. There is a bathhouse, fishing, picnic areas, playgrounds and exciting trails including equestrian trails. With good enough lodging available close by you have accessible parking and accommodations at reasonable cost.

Located 30 minutes from downtown Kansas City, the Lake is off the 169 Highway. Lodging is just ten minutes from the park. One of the best barbecue restaurants in Kansas City, K&M is only five minutes away. Incidentally the park is only about three minutes from Hillsdale Lake, a public lake, which gives people the option of riding behind the boat.

The rates for riding the cable are very reasonable and if you don't have your own equipment, they also provide rentals for you. The park is not open year round. In the winter the lake freezes over. So the park closes around October to reopen in April, depending on the weather.

At the KC Watersports nearly fifty percent of the visitors to the cable park try wakeboarding for the first time in their lives. The cable lake offers the overhead cable system that allows riders to enjoy wakeboarding and waterskiing without the need for a boat. Well summers sure are fun at KC Watersports Lake.