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Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

At 20,000-acres, Virginia’s Cumberland Gap National Historic Park is the largest national park in the United States. In the past Native Americans followed this ancient game route at the convergence of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee on what they called the Warrior’s Path. Later more than 200,000 American Pioneers crossed the Gap along the Wilderness Road. The Gap stretches 20 miles along Cumberland Mountain, ranging from 1 to 4 miles wide, and contains 60+ miles of trails, titanic underground caverns and soaring peaks that afford visitors breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding region. It is also home to diverse wildlife, including the endangered Indiana Bat.

Hikers can climb to Pinnacle Overlook to see wonderful views of Virginia and Kentucky. Beneath Pinnacle Overlook are the amazing Gap Caverns, including Cudjo’s Cavern, which houses the world’s tallest Stalagmite. Rangers lead 2-hour tours through the caverns 5 levels. American history buffs will revel in the 25 restored original buildings that make up the Hensley Settlement. This isolated settlement on the top of Brush Mountain was totally self-sufficient and had no modern amenities from 1903 right up until the last residents abandoned it in 1951.