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Indian Ridge Trail

Trail Description:

The Indian Ridge Trail is a short and easy hike along a ridge overseeing Kincaid Lake and the surrounding area. Beautiful views of the lake and wildlife give this short trail a must see status. If traveling on the Lamotte Creek Trail, the Lakeshore Trail, or the Kincaid Lake Trail, the Indian Ridge Trail is a short detour but well worth the extra effort.

Kincaid Lake Trail network is situated in such a way as to provide visitors with the ability to plan a one-way trip by parking transport vehicles in opposite ends of the trail you wish to travel. Caution should be taken along the trail, especially around water sources, due to the population of snakes and other wildlife that you will probably run across. The best action to be taken by visitors is to leave the wildlife alone. Walk around or wait until the animal has finished crossing before proceeding. Snakes are especially unpredictable when it comes to human encounters. A large percentage of snake bites are caused by approaching or trying to pick up or handle the animal. There are numerous poisonous species, some of which look like other non-poisonous species. The best thing you could do as a visitor is remember that you are in their home in the woods.

The Indian Ridge Trail is a short trail for Bicyclists and hikers. It is reached from the Lamotte Creek Trail. The Indian Hill Trail is not a loop.

Specific Hiking and Trail Information for the Indian Ridge Trail
Location of the Indian Ridge Trail: On Evangeline Unit Trails - The Indian Ridge Trail is located on the Kincaid Lake network of trails. From the Kincaid Lake Recreation Area follow the Kincaid Trail east to the Indian Ridge Trail intersection.

Travel Information
Nearby Cities with Hotels: Alexandria, Pineville

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National Forest: Kisatchie National Forest
Local Office: Kisatchie National Forest
9912 Highway 28 West
Boyce, LA, 71409