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Lamotte Creek Trail

Trail Description:

At the western end of Lemotte Creek Trail is a lengthy boardwalk that was erected in 2004 for the crossing of Lemotte Creek and the surrounding swampy area. Beaver, snakes, lizards, insects, frogs, raccoons, a wide variety of birds, and more are frequently observed from the boardwalk and for that matter the rest of the Lemotte Creek Trail. Following the shore of the eastern inlets of Kincaid Lake, the Lemotte Creek Trail is rather isolated from the everyday traveler.

The Lemotte Creek Trail is a connecting trail that joins the Kincaid Lakeshore Trail and the Kincaid Trail with the Wild Azalea Spur Trail. In the wetter season there are many swampy areas of the trail from seepage out of the hillside soil. Please step lightly and let other visitors enjoy the same trail that you did.As with all Louisiana trails, you will probably come across a wide variety of wildlife including snakes. The best policy is to enjoy the beauty of wildlife but do not disturb them. There are numerous poisonous snake species found in our forests.Recreation chart for the Lemotte Creek Trail

The Lamotte Creek Trail is used by Bicyclists and Hikers. The Lamotte Creek Trail can only be reach from the Kincaid Lake Trail, Wild Azalea Spur Trail or the Wild Azalea Trail. The Lamotte Creek Trail is not a loop.

Specific Hiking and Trail Information for the Lamotte Creek Trail
Location of the Lamotte Creek Trail: On Evangeline Unit Trails - The Lamotte Creek Trail is located at the end of the Lakeshore Trail, which begins at the East Kincaid Lake Boat Launch, and near the end of the Kincaid Trail which begins at the pay station at the main entrance of the Kincaid Lake Recreation Complex.

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Nearby Cities with Hotels: Alexandria, Pineville

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National Forest: Kisatchie National Forest
Local Office: Kisatchie National Forest
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