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Kisatchie National Forest

Kisatchie National Forest is Louisiana’s only national forest, but it is located in 5 non-adjacent units with a combined area of 937 square miles. The forest is noted for its rugged, piney hills and creek-split hardwood bottoms, a geological and ecological diversity uncommon in northern and central Louisiana. Wildlife found in the forest includes, deer, mink, rabbits, snakes, alligators, wood ducks, wild turkey and the endangered Cockaded Red-headed Woodpecker.

Fishing is permitted in Louisiana’s Kisatchie National Forest. Anglers can expect to encounter Crappie, Sand Bass, Catfish and Bluegill. Caney Lake Recreational Area is one of the better spots, but the fish are usually biting at Corney and Valentine Lakes as well.

There are boating opportunities in Kisatchie National Forest. Lake Kincaid is a fine lake to row on; the fishing’s also good there and there’s a beach to boot. The 13-mile water trail on the Saline Bayou National River is a peaceful float through lovely scenery.

There are over 100 miles of trails for hikers, bikers, off-roaders and horseback riders to enjoy in Kisatchie National Forest. Note that there are no horse or ATV rentals in the forest, so visitors must bring their own if they wish to ride either. Off-roading is permitted on designated trails only, and “mudding” is strictly forbidden, as it causes severe damage to the ground. The Wild Azalea and Sugar Cane Recreational Trails are for hikers and cyclists only, as is the steep and rocky 7-miles of hill-ridges along the Backbone Trail. Some trails that almost any kind of traveler can use are the Kisatchie District Sandstone Trail, the Calasieu District Enduro and Claibourne trails and the Catahoula District Camp Livingston trails.

Camping in Kisatchie National Forest is free in most units. There are designated campgrounds all over the forest with guest-tents and RV sites. Backcountry camping is also permitted. There are 40 developed recreational sites in Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana. Campfires may be prohibited in parts of Kisatchie National Forest during dry seasons. For more information about the Kisatchie National Forest call (318) 473-7160.