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Boulder Loop Trail

Trail Description:
Location: 6 miles west of the Saco Ranger Station. Turn right off the Kancamagus Highway through the Covered Bridge. The parking lot is on the right and the trailhead is opposite the parking lot. Gradual climb with some steep pitches. Excellent views! A trail guide is available at District offices. Views of Mt. Chocorua and Swift River Valley can be enjoyed from the ledges.

Hiking the Boulder Loop Trail:
All trailheads on the Kancamagus Highway require a parking pass. Annual and weekly passes may be obtained at our offices or a local vendor. Daily passes are available at most trailheads.

Specific Hiking and Trail Information for the Boulder Loop Trail
Location of the Boulder Loop Trail: Hikes on the Kancamagus
Length of Trail: 2 - 5 miles
Estimated Difficulty (Forest Service Estimate): Easy:Intermediate
Length of time needed to hike the trail: 2 - 4 hours (Round Trip)
This is only an estimate- and it may vary depending
your abilities as well as local conditions

Travel Information
For more information on this hike
National Forest: White Mountain National Forest
719 N Main Street
Laconia, NH, *03251