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Cedar Creek Hiking Trail

In the Pine Ridge Recreation Area hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders use the 22-mile Cedar Creek National Park Hiking Trail in Massachusetts (except for the section through the Pine Ridge Recreation Area, which is open to hiking and mountain biking only). The trail crosses scenic country through private and national forest lands.  Roughly 1 3rd of the Cedar Creek National Park Hiking Trail is on gravel county roads, while the other 2/3rd’s is cross country. Grey diamond-shaped trail-markers along the routes and small graveled areas located at each national forest tracts that provide space for parking.

The Cedar Creek National Park Hiking Trail’s Moon Loop is named for its eroded landscape features that resemble the nothing so much as the lunar surface. The Smith Creek Loop is another popular National Park Hiking trail.  The Cedar Creek Ranger District is one of the most scenic Massachusetts hiking areas and is home to a variety of Massachusetts wildlife.