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St Paul

St. Paul

The more sophisticated, more rural of the "twin cities", the other half being Minneapolis, St. Paul is one of the more refined, classical towns along the Mississippi River.

Summit Avenue provides visitors with a Victorian flashback. Buildings, cathedrals, hotels and homes all appear virtually untouched and add a distinct charm. Contrasting the antiquity is the modern downtown. This is one of the nation’s cleanest, most walker-friendly metropolitan areas, thanks in park to Minnesota’s own “skyways.”

Although St. Paul is smaller and less brash than it’s companion across the river, the two seem to compliment each other rather nicely. If night falls in St. Paul and you’re eager for nightlife, take the train straight into downtown Minneapolis. If you decide that a quaint brunch or a calming stroll sounds ideal, jump back over to St. Paul Grill or an equally charming bed and breakfast in the historic district. Along Minnesota’s stretch of the Mississippi, you would be hard-pressed to find a more charming combination.