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Hidden Beach

The hidden beach, located on the northeast side of cedar beach remains the most popular swimming and sun bathing area. It was once a notable nude beach although nudity very rarely occurs here today. The beach is always occupied with people irrespective of the season or the walk of life from which they come. With the friendly atmosphere of the beach, many local artists are regularly seen practicing for their upcoming concerts. The beach has a mud pit on the eastern side where visitors jump in the mud and then in the lake. The mud man, a regular visitor greets all the people on the beach and gives them more about the mud pit. He also keeps a record of the number of people who come to the mud pit every day, week, month and then year. A regular visitor Kevin gifts tie dye t-shirts to all the tourists. The regular visitors have kept it an interesting affair for all the first time visitors.

The trails surrounding the beach are popular walking paths which connects the Kenilworth trail and the paved Cedar lake trails. Screaming kids and tourists crowd the beach to have fun the whole day long. There are many exotic locations to visit in Minnesota but this is a spot where you can relax. The tremendous campgrounds and charming sights make the time spent here truly unforgettable. For all those who want to use their time in beach activities like fishing, hiking, swimming, whitewater paddling and boating, hidden beach is an ideal place to visit. The tranquility of water and shoreline is a gorgeous sight to visit.