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McCarthy Beach

For lots of outdoor recreation and fun McCarthy Beach in St. Louis county is the best. It is a popular destination for all those who roll up from Side lake. With a large quantity of natural prettiness it makes up a popular place for folks from far and wide. Wildlife inhabitants like white tailed deer, black bear, timber wolves, chipmunks, red squirrels and raccoons at the McCarthy beach state park make the trip more interesting. If you wish to go camping there is Thistledew campground. If you think that is enough, you are wrong there's lot more that the state park has to offer. Lake Pickerel in the vicinity has night staying arrangements at the stony brook campground, another option to attract you to this place. Those wishing to go for a walk alone or with someone special can go to Link lake trail or stingy lake trail where you won't be disturbed. The state park is a delightful place to camp and there are some nice whitewater spots on Little Fork River which are magnificent and are brilliant to capture.

For all those who want to get the vivid sight of River Sturgeon get into a kayak and you will be more closer to the beauty of nature. Lake Trestle is a good place to go for those who are in a lake visiting mood. There are endless opportunities for swimming, boating,fishing, and sailing which you can enjoy. After a long,tired day all th e tourists can relax with the already arranged picnic tables, fire rings and picnic shelters at the Sturgeon lake. The enjoyment does not end here. More things like camping with electric hook ups on side lake, 18 mi hiking trails, 12 mi horseback and mountain bike,9 mi cross-country ski and 12 mi of snowmobile trails are there to fascinate the tourists and make them extend their weekend by one more day to enjoy and experience the charm of nature.