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Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is the place which must be visited for a pleasant and relaxing weekend. The name itself suggests that it is a paradise and it is called so for it's beautiful, white sandy beach with warm, clear water and lush green forests and coconut trees. It is a tiny beach but it is more than a secret place for all the mellow attitude people. This is the reason that though the beach is 100 meters long it never feels crowded. The beach has magnificent dazzling water and the coastline is a lovely panorama. If you come at the right time of the year this is a perfect segment of coastline. It is a little known, idyllic beach next to Clareville beach on Sydney's Pittwater.

The area around the beach is known for nude sunbathing, but not on Paradise beach. The beach surprises the tourists with its stunning beauty. The beach features safe swimming round the year with shade giving palm trees and tropical almonds giving delight to eyes. There are large granite rocks at the ends and coral reef to enchant the people around. The Jet-skis are actively discouraged from approaching the beach to keep it calm and peaceful. The tourists can enjoy their day with activities like swimming, boating, hiking, whitewater paddling and fishing. People relax here watching the yachts past by, sipping a glass of wine and enjoying food as the sun sinks behind the hills covered by bush. The food outlets on the beach serve different variety of fresh food for people of different cultures. The food make people feel at home. The secluded beach is a real delight to visit with ambience suitable for a quiet day out.