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Grand Portage

The historic fur trading post at Grand Portage National Monument in Minnesota has been a hub of travel and activity for thousands of years. The Grand Portage Ojibwe Indians used the area for various purposes for millennia, but European settlers constructed Grand Portage in the early years of the 19th century. Today visitors from around the world come here to experience what life must have been like for those early pioneers.

Grand Portage is located within the Grand Portage Indian Reservation, and is dedicated to preserving Grand Portage history. There visitors can visit the Great Hall, where they can touch a variety of animal pelts or enjoy some Native American art created by Ojibwe artisans. Outside guests can watch an old fashioned fur-trading boat being constructed by skilled volunteers in period clothing.

There are several outdoor activities to enjoy at Grand Portage, like hiking the Mt. Rose or Grand Portage Trails. Boating, camping and fishing are also popular activities.