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Longleaf Trace

This 41 mile paved path stretches north from Hattiesburg and an extension of Ole Miss to the small town of Prentiss, Mississippi. It was constructed amidst old railroad lines as part of the rail to trail movement, a popular and appropriate new method of trail-building.

The entire path is paved and wide enough for traffic to flow either way. Parallel to the trail is a space for equestrian riders to enjoy the same views. It has become extremely popular for hikers and those who prefer bicycles.

While making your way down the winding Mississippi trail, the scenery changes slightly. You will find yourself in very desolate, shaded stretches and ,by contrast, small, friendly communities. But most of the time is spent stalking through the dense Mississippi forest and taking in the rich natural surroundings. It is not uncommon to see wildlife bounding and feeding near the trail as vast array of beautiful pines and hardwoods wall either side.