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Mississippi River Trail

Although not yet completed, the proposed Mississippi River Trail is sure to be an interesting journey, namely when it makes its way to the gulf coast via Mississippi. Regardless of where you pick up the trail, you will encounter a healthy amount of intrigue as you stop along the way.

This is a bicycle-only trail that stretches over 2000 miles through the heart of Midwest America parallel to the great Mississippi River. From Minnesota to Mississippi, it is a long-distance cyclist’s dream.

The span that moves through Mississippi is expected to not only provide bicyclists with amazing views and breathtaking natural habitats, but it will also be a sort of brief Mississippi history lesson. Those planning the path want to take it in and through historic towns, landmarks and the picturesque landscapes that make up the river’s storied banks.

When finally completed, the Trail will expose a new perspective for cyclists and provide a unique overview of Mississippi and her grand gulf-bound river.