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Chapel Hill Beach

Visiting Missouri, do not only invest your time inside a building. Just go out and see the Chapel Beach. The Chapel beach is located in Iron County, Missouri. Getting bored visiting the huge buildings and the crowded street, Chapel Beach is the best option.

Even though Chapel Hill Beach does not have a lot of amenities, but it provides a great opportunity to escape from the city. The beach has blue waves, that continuously hit the pretty shore, and makes you feel great. There are a few activities, such as hiking, fishing, boating, swimming and whitewater paddling, so no need to run out of stuff. The nearby hotels are not very close to the beach, to avoid the problems with instantaneous reservation, it is always preferred to make bookings in advance, as these get filled quickly in summer. There is also an option of pitching a tent or park your recreation vehicle at a nearby campground.

There are many nearby places that are worth seeing. If the weather is suitable, then you can go for a hike along the Berryman Trail, and if you have an adventurous nature, then going to Telleck Branch would be the best place of your choice. You can also hike along the Trace Creek Trail, that will let you absorb the natural beauty of this region. Schnelle Lake Dam is one of the best site, that is certainly worth going to. You can also go to the Taum Sauk Trail for hiking, and get your heart beating on its brilliant whitewaters.