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Osage Beach

The Lake of the Ozark, the largest manmade lake system in the US, covers 54,000 acres, impounds 646 billion gallons of water and has 1,150 miles of cove indented shoreline. It is located about 175 miles from both St. Louis and Kansas City, which are the towns of Lake Ozark and Osage Beach, that are the main hubs for tourism in the Lake of the Ozarks area. These huge statistical facts have created opportunities for the spectacular tourism area. Thousands of visitors travel here to enjoy the beauty and recreation that was brought about by the Great Osage River Project.

The lake has clean fresh water, fed by 5 rivers, and is ideal for swimming, boating and fishing, while the clean, fresh air calls for pure relaxation. Fishing can be done, but you would get a fish only, when you throw a trot line. Water skiing is a great activity and the lake is really deep so if you have a fear of deep dark water and lockness, reamin in the boat.