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Clarks Fork Trail

The country around the Yellowstone headwaters in Montana is unsurpassed in the essentially North American beauty it possesses. For those backpacking and hiking Montana there are few better kept secrets than the Clarks Fork Trail. It is a wild area, though not a designated wilderness area (therefore visitors should expect to see the occasional ATV and some horse packers) with a wide range of ecosystems, the most striking of which are the canyons and forested river bottoms. Great views of these from the Clark Canyon Rim are just a short, cross-country jaunt away.

Visitors to the Clarks Fork Trail can use it for a one day hike or take several days to camp and backpack along its length. Hikers are encouraged to explore the canyon bottoms below Table Creek, and follow the 2-mile long path there to Thief Creek. Those who wish to spend a few days can find facilities at the Hunters Peak Campground.