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Long Beach

Long Beach in Flathead County, Montana is one of the best outdoor location. It is the shoreline of the popular Flathead Lake.

Not many hotels are found in the vicinity of Long Beach. If you have planned a short journey, then no problem, but for long distances, if you do not get proper hotel reservations, then it might be possible that you have to snooze up in your car.

Even though Long Beach is not an enormously busy piece of coast; yet it is one of many tremendous segments of coastline in this neighborhood. On coming to this piece of shoreline, one can enjoy and have fun. You can enjoy the sight when the water joins the charming Montana shoreline. You can put up a tent or park your RV at a close by the campground. There are lot many amusing things to do near Long Beach, like swimming, boating, whitewater paddling, fishing, golfing, and hiking.

For those visitors who are interested in he bicycle trailing, can enjoy here. There are many bicycle trails, which are spectacular and varied. They originate from the near Shoreline Park and are directed in various directions. One trail goes to the south toward Belmont Shores and Naple, the second trail passes near Rainbow Harbor, while the third trail heads across the channel and passes near to the Queen Mary. There is a fourth route that joins to the LA River Trail that heads toward downtown Los Angeles.

Being at the Long Beach, you can get many opportunities to visit some of the best places nearby. You may a look at the Bigfork Harbor, and go by the Swan River. You can also spend some time golfing at a nearby golf course like Eagle Bend Golf Club. For those who are adventurous in nature, would love to hike. The best place for enjoying hiking can be the Noisy Creek Notch Trail, the Alpine Trail, and Wolf Creek Trail. Long Beach is situated to the right of Wolf Creek Trail, and North Shore Harbor is not far at all from Long Beach. Long Beach is very much close to Wayfarers State Park which is a beautiful place on the wonderful whitewater of Swan River.