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Fremont Beach

Fremont beach doesn't get many visitors but is an unbelievably good beach. And with the amazing campgrounds nearby it becomes a popular destination for some part of the year. Having a holiday on this part of coastline is always a good idea. The harmony of the water is a pleasure which can just be experienced. The fresh air pleases the mind and the activities like swimming, fishing, golfing and boating take care of the body. People from Fremont are mostly seen here from where they go to Cottonwood Cove which is another relaxing place to visit. Though not many people visiting but still the hotels are booked round the year, so early reservations are need to be made for a peaceful stay. Near the beach is the Bricks Bay, again a wonderful place to visit. The Valley View Golf Course, Whitetail Run Golf Course and Camp Cedars B.S.A Earth Dam are the other charming places in the vicinity of the beach.