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Cathedral Of Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas Cathedral is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Reno, Nevada, United States. It is located at 310 W. 2nd Street in Reno. The cathedral was built in 1908 as the rise in Reno's Catholic population warranted a larger church. The cathedral was nearly destroyed by a fire in 1909 and was restored the following year. The Cathedral is staffed by Conventual Franciscans: Order of the Friars, Minor.

The altar table is made of Nevadan aragonite, from a mine located between Gabbs and Tonopah, Nevada which belonged to John Connolly, brother of Bishop Connolly. The altar's candlesticks are the work of Dirk Van Erp. The great mural painting behind the altar is 3,500 square feet (330 m2) and was the first mural executed by Hungarian artists Edith and Isabel Piczek. The theme is the "Adoration of the Lamb of God". The Saints of the Old Testament are portrayed on the left including Abel, Moses, the Manna, Ruth, Abraham and Isaac, Melchisedech, David, Nathan, Malachias, Anna the Prophetess and John the Baptist.

The Saints of the New Testament are portrayed on the right and include the Holy Family at Bethlehem, the Last Supper, Saint Peter and Saint John, with Saint Paul in background, Saint Augustine, Saint Clare of Assisi, Saint Charles Borromeo, Saint Paschal Baylon, and Pope Pius X. The present stations of the Cross were created by Reno artist, Bill Lutz in 1993. The main entrance doors are covered with copper, mined in Nevada which were designed and embossed by Gordon Newby.