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Rundlet-May House

The Rundlet-May House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA, was built in 1807 by James Rundlet, who acquired his wealth in the textile trade. Rundlet imported his wallpapers from England and purchased his furniture from local cabinetmakers, whose work was noted for its fine craftsmanship and striking use of veneer.

Rundlet also saw to it that his house was equipped with the latest technologies. The kitchen boasts both a Rumford roaster and a Rumford range, as well as a set kettle and an elaborate venting system that services a smoke room on the third floor. There is an early coal-fired central heating system and an indoor well.

The house is now operated as a museum by Historic New England and contains many of its original furnishings, as well as some pieces added by later generations. The formal gardens, orchard, and attached outbuildings (including two privies) remain as first used by Rundlet.